Few question about possibly features


I have few question to ask about phpstorm (i search in all configuration and don't find so i ask)

1) I have problem with coloured lines in editor (in attachment).
It is possibly to disable it (or change color to background color)?
In attachment is marked as number 2 (but number 1 - line in left side - if its possible to disable too?)

2) I think its not possible in this version but i ask:
- more funcionality of same key shourtcut (as in netbeans),
for example Ctrl+F in files view opens "Find in path" and in editor opens "Find (words in file)" dialog.

3) As above i think its not possible in this version but i ask:
After i select some selection and type ' or " - its possible to configure that this not relieve selection but surround seclection with ' or " ('selection' or "selection")

4) After Alt+tab (change window to php storm) i must click on current edited file window to type in it (default is "scrooling all window" and i cannot type in it).
Its possible to change this in configuration?



1) Both can be switched off. Open Settings and type "current scope" into search box, switch off, then search for "vertical".

2, 3) Please file feature requests to http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issues/WI

4) Can't reproduce. What's your OS?..


1) Thanks : )

2)3) Ok - I will add it to features requests.

OS: Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3
You write it is not default behavior (necessary always click mouse button after alt+tab : ) So I try to reproduce it into other computers (Win XP too). Mayby it's something what make problem on my actual workstaton.
I will report later if this problem occurs on other computers.

Thanks for help


4) We got several reports regarding strange behavior after Alt-Tab under Windows and it looks like they are specific to particular user environments - so we guess its some 3rd party interference.


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