wrap highlighted secton in quotes ''

os: kubuntu 10.04
PhpStorm beta 1.0
build PS-95.257

Is there any way to highlight a section and wrap that highlighted section in quotes?

{if $_USER.quota_id == -2}

i want to wrap the -2 in quotes so it becomes
{if $_USER.quota_id == '-2'}

is there any way to highlight it and "wrap section in quotes".  I was thinking that ctrl+shift+' might do it or ctrl+alt+'  with the hightlighted section. (maybe ctrl+shift+" for double quotes.)

What seams to happen to me on more than one occasion is i end up chasing quotes around to get the structure right.  because the cursor is usually at the end when i start i end up putting the last ' first which gives me two.

{if $_USER.quota_id == -2''}  // hitting ' once puts the closing tag in automatically but i've already moved off position
{if $_USER.quota_id == ''-2''} // putting the starting ' in also adds a closing one
{if $_USER.quota_id == '-2''} // delete the extra closing '
{if $_USER.quota_id == '-2'} // move to the first location again and delete the extra one there.

Im sure i could turn off the closing automation, but I like it for most of the time.  Just wondering if there is a way to wrap the current section in quotes?

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