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Hi Everyone,

I'm a programming PHP newbie, who is currently doing a course on PHP.  I've decided to give PHPStorm a try with a view to buying it if it works out.  At the moment I have to say I'm impressed with the program, but there is something that has me stumped.  Currently I have my folder structure step up so that all the web projects I'm working on is stored in the Documents folder.  I have PHP installed via WAMP, and I've been doing my work in the Documents\WebProjects\<folder name>\ folder, then copying that folder across to the webserver and running the files via the web server directory.

So basically I have two sets of identical folders/files, one temporally stored on my development web server, and one set perminantly stored under my Documents folder.  The problem I'm having is I can't seem to configure PHPStorm so that it will allow me to create and save the files in the Documents folder, and then deploy them to the local webserver where they can be run.  I've gone over and over the steps in the help system, and I've realised that I'm missing something somewhere.  Any help would be warmly appreciated.



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The way you are doing it now is missing out on some of the power of the PhpStorm.

The whole purpose of an IDE((I)ntegrated (D)evelopment (E)nvironmnet) is to speed things up by  Intergrating everything.  So the step where you copy from the documents folder to the web folder is not necessary.

Now that you have the files copied into the web directory just open that directory as a project and keep working from there.

go to:

Select the web root folder for the project that you have been copying and continue editing your files from there.

One of the cool things about PhpStorm is that you dont need to save anything.  So if you are working on a local webserver you will be able to write to the file then hit refresh on the browser and your changes will automatically be there.

Think about it as if you were writing directly to the webpage.

Good luck with your Php. :)

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"Create new project from existing files" wizard can help you set this up easily.
For existing project the entry point is in Settings|Deployment.

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Thank you both for your helpful answers :)


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