Trouble with Zen Coding Crashing IDE

I just installed WebStorm to try it out (Win7 x64), and was happy to see that it came with Zen Coding. Unfortunately, it keeps generating a 'fatal ide error'. I type in, for example, div.class>p*3, then hit TAB, the html appears. Then I hit undo...fatal error.

The desired behavior of Zen Coding is that the undo brings back the original text so that you can edit it, and then hit TAB again after making changes. It's very valuable, and something I use all the time.

The strange part is that one time out of ten, it actually worked correctly without generating a fatal error. I submitted the error through the IDE, and hope that a fix can be found, because I can't justify purchasing it otherwise since I use Zen Coding all the time, and it has become a mainstay of my development environment.

Anyone else having this issue?

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All Blame reports are processed on daily basis.
Anyway, this is quite a critical bug and I've created a critical error report in tracker. Please watch progress here


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