filter the path on the seach results to only this project path

when i do a search for something in a file using the ctrl+shift+f system "Find in Path"  with the scope set to 'Whole Project' the list of results is returned with the full path to the file name.

Is it possible to have this file name only show from the base file of the project?

'Found usages' -> 'unclassified usage' -> ''

but since the scope of the project is 'mysite.php' I dont want to know the location of the myproject for each resut as it is always going to be '/home/me/PhpStormProjects/'

I just want to know the relationship from the root of the project.

'Found usages' -> 'unclassified usage'  -> ''

Another issue that I would also like to know how to do is to filter/group those returned results by the directory they are in. I have one folder 'members' that has a sub folder for each members user_id  which will display results like this:


is there a way to have the subfolders nested for the returned search results like this


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When you invoke Find Usages action (Alt-F7) there's a Scope field with ellipsis button. Use it to setup custom scopes. Scopes are also used for file group highlighting and problem highlighting style.

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The scopes work to limit the searches to the places i want to search which is good, but in the results i still see the full path to the files.

all the files are under the project directory so i dont want to see the path to the project directory each time.
(attachment screenshot_of_too_long_extension.png)

Especially if i have preview on.  all i see is the beginning of the path
(attachment screenshot_of_too_long_extension_with_preview.png)

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is there currently a way to do this or should i file a feature request?

-- edit --
created a feature request:

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Thanks for filing, sounds reasonable.


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