PHPStorm EAP 95.117 - unstable code completion (IDE freezes)


After upgrading to PHPStorm's latest EAP 95.117 i've noticed, that code completion became very unstable.

My PHPStorm today freezed 4 times (on same project) in different cases, related to code completion functionality (most of all then i hit Ctrl-space on class members in PHP).
Besides of this, many PHP-related recoverable IDE crashes were detected ("red exclamation").

Did anybody noticed the same thing?


My PHPStorm also freezed 2 times when i hit CTRL+Space for code completion after the update, so there seems to be a problem...


Continued in

I personally confirm this and was able to get exact deadlock trace (linked to issue) but we're still unable to get exact sequence to reproduce.

Watch issue for updates.


I have been getting this same sort of behavior as well. It also seems to want to insert some kanji characters! Extremely weird.


Patrick, this thread about deadlock (IDE freezes) in particular build only and it was 100% fixed in 95.117+ (details in linked issue).

Please start new thread and thoroughly describe you problems, better with steps to reproduce. Be sure to always update to last available build (1.0 #95.192 at the moment) before reporting anything.


I am currently updated to 95.192 and the same problem is happening.


Please file an issue to tracker in including step-by-step description of your actions, actual and expected behavior.


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