Hello and a couple of suggestions/improvements :)

First of all hello and thanks for the wonderful product you provided to the community

I don't know whether this is the right way of doing it but I would like to suggest a couple of small improvements to PhpStorm that maybe someone's else could agree with.

The first suggestion regards the REMOTE PROJECTS creation: it would be nice to manually select the directories to download under the root... eg. if my site contains the php, css, javascript and images and -let's say- a temp o uploaded folders, it would be nice to choose to download only the root's subdirectories php, css, javascript and images, not including tem and uploaded.

The second suggestion regards the WEB BROWSER panel under prefs: it would be a nice addiction to have the ability to define more browsers to invoke so I could have more than one FF or IE versions to test against.

Anyway, the IDEs are still young and there will be some implementations to improve the workflow.




Hi Stefano,

What you can do to only download some files is when you create a project, instead of using the wizard with the remote files which tends to download all the files from the server to create the project, is to instead create a new empty project

And add a new deployment for the remote machine that matches up to your new projects current path.  then under the 'mappings' tab click on the 'Use this server as default' button.

Open up the 'Remote Host' panel and ctrl+click all the folders that you want to download and right click to open the option for 'Download from here'.

This way you can have on your local machine only the files/folders you want but still get the automatic uploading working.


Thanks for the suggestion, Michael, I will try that as soon as possible




Ok I thought that the new suggestions were posted in the forums.




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