Suggestion: Partial file paths to make work with large projects easier


First off, thanks for the great IDE. I've been using PhpEd for a few years thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread, but today I could hardly stand working without PhpStorm.

I work with a large inhouse developed PHP framework which runs many of our sites. We have a few hundred files called "index.php" in different directories. My problem is that when a few, about 5-10 of these, are open at the same time it gets quite confusing. I've been looking at colored scopes, but there aren't enough colors.

Thus, my two suggestions to make this great IDE even better:

1) Extend "Goto file" so that it can handle a partial path, so I can search for "editor/index.php" and get matches for "site/a/editor/index.php" and "site/b/editor/index.php".
2) Create an option so that the editor tabs display a partial path of x (preferably a setting) levels before the filename

- John

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hi John,

Have you watched the video here :

titled: "Find and open files like a pro"

because it sounds like what you are asking for with:
1) Extend "Goto file" so that it can handle a partial path, so I can  search for "editor/index.php" and get matches for  "site/a/editor/index.php" and "site/b/editor/index.php".

you can do ctrl+shift+n and if you have 2 folders like


entering d/index  will bring up the '/debugging/index.php' file as an option for opening.  its cool.

like the idea of more colors.

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Sounds reasonable. Please file feature requests as separate issues directly to project tracker


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