speed search in the project tree with closed directories.

could be a bug, or it could be by design.  Not sure which.

in the 'Productivity guide' there is a feature that is called 'speed search in trees'.

If i am in the 'Project' tree and a sub-directory is open with a file called 'index.php' in that sub-directory and i start typing I-N-D the index.php file will be located and opened.

The bug/issue is when the main directory tree is compressed and i start typing I-N-D the "search for: ind" will be in red indicating that there is no corresponding file.

If this is intended functionality then i am required to open all the directories before starting the speed search.  that doesnt seam right.  If this is intended then perhaps it would be good to have a button that opened all the directories so that speed search could work.

  1. Speed search walks through visible nodes
  2. There's an "Expand all" button most trees but intentionally not on project tree
  3. The proper way to jump to file is
    1. Goto|File - it accepts patterns, camel case, path and even type filtering
    2. If file is currently edited - View|Select in ...  

Thanks for that Alexey,

I had found the goto file after reading through the productivity guide.  ctrl+shift+n  This is also an excellent feature.


Btw, try another great feature - go to symbol (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+N). It is very useful in big projects.


Thanks for that Dmitriy,

Im not sure i understand what a 'symbol' is but that function seams to be able to jump to anything.  *methods inside a class or a variable inside a javascript file.

Ill play with it a bit more.

thanks for the heads up.


"Symbol" is the term for any named entity which can be found in source code.


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