concepts for webide/phpstorm

Looking through the intellij documentation, there are a few pages that Im wondering if they have a corresponding phpstorm/webide documentation page.

specifically these ones:
"....To get the most out of its capabilities and features, you should be  familiar with its concepts....."

IntelliJ IDEA Q&A for Eclipse Users

Ive already stumbled upon a few of the differences in thinking with this editor, like 'no need to mark files state as saved or not because everything is always saved.  forget about saving.'

and "stop using the mouse, focus more on the keyboard shortcuts."  Wondering if there is an outline to help me learn more.


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You found some useful documents.
For PhpStorm online help is also available at, and there's also a 'Concepts' section -

We're planning to be adding more documentation on PhpStorm & WebStorm in the nearest future. Meanwhile, I recommend you to subscribe to our blog at The blog conains a number of tips and feature describing articles and we'll be publishing more there.

If you have questions, you of course always welcome to ask here. We need the questions too in order to understand what the documentation should answer.


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Thanks Eugene,

Im really liking PhpStorm already.  There are so many new concepts that I havent seen before.  The most recent one i have stumbled upon is the "Toggle bookmark with mnemonic".  This is very cool.

Ill keep an eye on the blog and the documentation.



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