You can use Settings|External tools to add any utility. It can be invoked via menu, toolbar button or keyboard shortcut after that. You can use our XML editor to edit your build.xml, but there's no any special Ant support that can be found in IntelliJ IDEA and it's not planned to be included.


I think that it will be a good idea to provide idea's ant plugin into web storm. It's the only thing i miss on the product. If ant plugins is provided in the community and free version of IDEA, why not on web storm?

I'm a user of idea 7.0 and i love it, but IDEA has a lot of features I never will use, and this is what make IDEA expensive for me.

Are Jetbrains evaluating the creation of a plugin store to complement products like Web Storm or IDEA community edition?



It is technically IMPOSSIBLE to use IDEA plugin in PhpStorm as it relies on java support and we do not plan to write a custom version.

http://plugins.jetbrains.com/ exists for ages.


Alexey's sollution works fine for me. I can now start an ant command from the IDE
Admitting that it's a loose coupling, I'm OK with it.


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