whats the point of "Move module to group"?

os: kubuntu 10.04 64 bit
PhpStorm 1.0
build 95.192

in the PROJECT tab with the project name selected, right clicking will bring up a menu.  In the menu system there is an item "Move Module to Group" with the submenus "Outside any group" and "New top level group..." and a list of the groups that you have created. (except you can only create 1.)

creating a group causes the project to be grouped under that group name.  "outside any group" makes it go away and "New top level group" changes the name of the current group (weird.)

after reading this page: http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/documentation/migration_faq.html

Q: What happened to my Workspace? Where  are all my projects?
A: They're OK, but in a slightly  different way.

it seams like i could put my projects for different clients into different groups, but that doesnt work because creating a new project switches to a different instance of phpstorm all together.

Is this feature redundant or does it have a purpose in PhpStorm?


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It's the platform feature that is not applicable to WS or PS. Consider this to be a cosmetic bug - these actions should be hidden.
Anyway groups are applied not to projects but to modules inside of particular project.


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