xdebug and firefox xdebug addon

os: kubuntu 10.04 64bit
PhpStorm WI-95.150

Has anyone managed to get a debugging session to start when using the firefox xdebug helper addon?


I have it to the point where phpStorm is waiting for the connection on port 9000 with ide key 'PhpStorm'.  I was expecting to click on the debugger, hit refresh and have the two connected.  But its not happening for me.

It will work if i add the index.php?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=PhpStorm  to the URL  but the whole point of the add-on is to not have to do this.

The debugger will also work if i have the debug settings to "Open webpage in browser(ide key PhpStorm1, PhpStorm2, ...)"

so the debugger is working.  its just not working _with_ the add on.


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Havent managed to get the easy xdebug plugin working, but thes javascript bookmarks do work to start/stop the debugging sessions.


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