Scope of 'file colors'-> manage scope shared is not shared

os: kubuntu 10.04 64bit
PhpStorm WebIDE WI-95.150

Not sure if this is a feature request or im not doing something right.  Im expecting the shared scope colors to be visible in other projects too.

What im doing:
* click on settings icon
* click on 'File Colors'
* click on 'Manage Scopes...'
* add a new scope called 'skins' with the Pattern (  file[*]:skins//*  )  to create a scope of a file anywhere in a skins directory.
* add a new scope called 'themes' with the Pattern (  file[*]:themes//*  )   to create a scope of a file anywhere in a themes directory.
* add a new scope called 'modules' with the Pattern (  file[*]:modules//*  )   to create a scope of a file anywhere in a modules directory.
* the 'share scope' checkbox is checked for all of the scopes
* click 'OK'
* click 'Add..' and make the 'skins' scope orange
* click 'Add..' and make the 'themes' scope yellow
* click 'Add..' and make the 'modules' scope blue

This correctly makes any file from those directorys appear with a tab of the correct color.

next click on FILE->REOPEN-> (another project based on the same CMS system structure)

This new open project also has the 'skins' 'themes' and 'modules' folders.

What i was expecting to see was that since my colors were 'shared' that these colors for the tabs would also be in place in my other project.  They arnt.  when i go to SETTINGS-> FILE COLORS-> MANAGE SCOPES  there is the blank system again.  I can add them again but i though that 'shared' would mean shared over all the projects. am i missing some other meaning of 'shared'?


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Think i see where i went wrong:
Share Configuration Select this check box to have the defined scope-color association shared among the members of the team.

The share scope checkbox is for developers working as a team, not for a single developer working on many similar setups.  so sharing means "on this project, with other member who are also working on this project."  where as i was thinking it was "share this color profile with other projects where the pattern would also work."

in which case, the question im looking for is: "Is there a way to export the current managed scopes for one project and import them into other projects?"

Thanks.  (I tried the save icon, but that just duplicates a current existing scope within the same managed scopes.)

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No, there is no such a possibility as different
projects have different packages, project structure etc, so
scope from one project won't help in the other. I can imagine one possibility to
import/export library scopes but nobody ever asked for.

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Thanks Anna,

I work a lot with the same base system so being able to import export the color schemes would be helpful.  The one i usually use is jamroom ( but im sure it would help others who also use CMS systems for their development like Drupal developers.

Ill ask for it as a feature request, see if anybody else finds it useful.

For me, in jamroom the 3 main areas that i would like to use the colored tabs are to easily know the location im working in. 'skins', 'themes', or 'modules' each with different colors.

Thanks very much.

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Im really impressed with both the IDE and the responsiveness of your team.

You've got another customer here.  As soon as you decide to release it, you've got my money.

Awesome.  Thanks very much.


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