Moving tab between vertically split editor groups.

on kubuntu linux 10.04 64bit
web ide WI-95.150

in the WINDOW-> SPLIT VERTICALLY allows 2 editors to be opened side by side.  It currently puts in the second window the file that was opened and active in the first window when the option was clicked.

What im wanting to do is to have a different file open in this window but cant seam to figure out how to do it. eg open 2 files 'index.php' and 'style.css'  then put the style.css in the right half of the split window.  I have tried dragging and dropping it.  didnt work.

It is possible to drag from the project pane into the newly split window.  Is it possible to drag from the left window into the right window at all?


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Right click on needed tab header and select 'Move to opposite group' from context menu. See attached screenshot:

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That will work if there is only the left and the right open, but what if you have split the right vertically as well.

It would be nice to be able to click on the tab and drag it into the window i want.  ala eclipse/netbeans.

Its also a bit weird dragging from the PROJECT window.  if i drag a file into the left window it will appear in the newest split window.

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Please file feature requests directly to tracker


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