95.150 RC

Privet Guys

I have been using PhpStorm extensively (500hrs+!) for the last few months and am VERY pleased with this. It has changed my whole experience of developing with php. After using both Bluefish (too basic) and the Eclipse IDE (Very memory intensive and very user unfriendly) I have finally found an IDE that is fast and responsive with excellent features.

This brings me to the RC - 95.150. This seems noticeably faster than previous releases with less memory footprint. Was a lot of debug code removed

Thanks again for a great product - this by far the best IDE for php.

My team is currently developing Enterprise Level Code with this product.

When I'm in Town I will buy you guys a Baltika 3!

Ed Austin

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Thanks for the kind words..
There's no (and were not) any "debug code" in our project to remove. We just continually and gradually increase quality of our product.

..Filing an order to our sales department at the day of product launch is the best way to appreciate our job ;-) Than we may share a drink or two ^)


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