Initial impressions

So far I am really liking it. It is much more responsive than other IDEs I have used in terms of intellisense or code error detection "highlighting lag" when dealing with large or many files.

I have two suggestions, well one bug and the other what I would call a major missing feature.

First, whenever a file is not saved, please add a * in the file tab or some other indication that the file is unsaved. Currently there does not appear to be any visual indication if a file is unsaved. This seems to be a big oversight.

Second (you may already be working on this), don't tell me PHP function names are typos - they aren't!

Again so far very impressed with this product and can't wait to see it mature.

I'm using version WI-95.136.

I would most likely gladly pay the $49 now for a license, but the pricing page says it's not yet available for purchase. So I'm curious to know, will the expiration date be extended with every new beta release?

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Thanks for the kind words. We are very enthusiastic about bringing our bringing our experience in IDE's to PHP community.

As for unsaved files, just open settings and type "asterisk" into search field.
Also FYI is this entry from IntelliJ IDEA FAQ:
"With IntelliJ IDEA you never need to worry about saving your files when you switch to another app, compile or run your code, perform a VCS operation, and so on. For extra safety you can enable auto save after specified period of time. In case you need to roll back any unwanted changes, you can use Local History — IntelliJ IDEA built-in VCS."
Same applies for all JetBrains Platform based products.

We are working on spellchecker behavior, watch for progress.

Each EAP build has separate 45 days trial license. Release build will have built-in trial license too.

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I agree.  I use WebStorm to do JavaScript programming and really like it!  I plan to pay when I have to, and continue to use it.

I especially like
     REFACTORING !!!!! Yeah!
     easy-to-use Subversion integration
     option-command L (I am on a Mac) that reformats my javascript code
     the color of the different pieces of my code, so I can tell what is going on
     working with "projects"

A few suggestions

1.  There are some "shifts" of thinking that take place when using WebStorm, compared to the "usual" way of doing things.  I would recommend a special help document, or section of a document, of how to do "usual" things in WebStorm, that are not obvious.  A)  How to save, saveAs, and rename a file ( => use refactoring instead).  B)  How to "save" or "not save" or "revert" changes to a file (since all changes seem to be saved).  C) Edit a file that is not in a project.  I am guessing there a less than 10 of these, and that many people encounter them.

2.  Related to above - there is no crime in having an action in two menus at the same time, such as the "usual" grouping (rename file under file) and the "new" grouping (under refactoring).  But this is a judgement call - with documentation it is not really necessary.

3.  I use option-command L (on Mac) all the time.  I wish there were many version of this command.

          reformat completely - add commas, semicolons, delete blank lines, delete extra whitespace
          reformat and keep blank lines, but delete extra whitespace on a line
          reformat and keep extra whitespace on a line, but delete extra blank lines
          reformat and keep extra whitespace and extra blank lines
          reformat the line
          reformat the enclosing statement (e.g. if statement)
          reformat the enclosing function or object
          reformat what is closed or opened on the current line

          I would probably go for a one-stroke keyboard shortcut for the favorite reformat that is chosen by the user (or maybe two or three favorites).
          and then a two-stroke keyboard shortcut for the rest of the choices (with a menu that pops up listing the second keypress choices)
          or even a three step keyboard shortcut [refactor, what to refactor, how to refactor it] with keyboard selected menus for the second two steps

         option-command-L  = most common (chosen by me)
         option-command-K + K - another choice
         option-command-K + J etc. - other choices

4.  Bug - reformat places semicolons after if statements on the next line
        if (!(this._data)) {
            this._data = ComStorage.readParentSetData();

5.  Is there a way to easily switch between projects, so I can copy and paste my code?  I would recommend listing the open projects (that are in other windows) in the Window menu, and having them be selectable.

6.  Is there an easy way to select a file, and then show which subversion version that file is, and if there are any later versions.  I like that blue means a file is not committed.

Three cheers for the WebStorm developers, and keep up the wonderful work!!!

-- Stan

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Thanks! And we're just started 8) Expect much more..

1/2) Yup. Our approach is a bit too different in some areas. Watch & & to track progress.

3/4/5) Please file a feature request(s)/bug reports directly to tracker so all interested parties can participate in discussion.

6) Not sure that you can fetch changes from SVN w/o applying them, but these might be useful: View|Select in (Alt/F1) / VCS quicklist (Alt+~)


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