Is there a specific format of an API stub file that Webstorm works best with?

Back in March I asked how to create "stubs" for the Titanium API, which I'm coding up in your great editor. And you answered as below. I asked the guys at Titanium if they could provide these .js files. Today they replied with the email shown way below.

Author  : Alexey Gopachenko (neuro159)

I suppose the Titanium apps are developed in javascript?
You just need to get/create/generate .js file(s) with signatures for the  objects/functions you are accessing (I believe that Titanium guys will  be easily able to help you with that) and attach it to WebIDE project in  any way (i.e. via Settings|Directories).
Anyway once you've got the stub files we will be able to help you with  setting up our IDE.

May 18th Message from Titanium support group:

It looks like we'll have to do something that is part of the doc  building, or at least relies on the apidocs as a source; Given  Titanium's dynamic nature, any object can have a custom property or  function attached like any other JS object.
Before I go about coding the stub generator, is there any specific  format of stub file (ie, tuned to a specific autodocumentation tool)  that Webstorm works best with? Better yet, is there a sample stub file I  can start from? I couldn't find any such on their community site nor in  the app itself.


Can anyone help with an answer for the  Titanium support group?


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