Unable to parce template "PHP file"

I downloaded phpStorm and WebStorm for the first time an after I tried out WebStorm I camr to the conclusion that it is impossible to edit php file in phpStorm. When I double click a php file it always opens the file with an other program. I don't have this problem with other files like .js or .html only php seems to be a problem. Also when I try to make an new php file or class file phpStorm always give me the same error 'Unable to parce template "PHP file"  : Cannot create files from text : name test.php .....' (I made a screenshot of the error).
Also I opened a project I was working on that includes php files with WebStorm before I tried out phpStorm, when I double clicked a php file for the first time it asked how to open this file,there I selected to open the php files with the default application. I don't know if this is the cause of the problem, but I think it is worth mentioning that.

How can I fix this problem so I can open en edit php files with phpStorm. I tried all kinds of things but until now with no result.

I have this problem with the OSX version (95.98), I tested it also on windows but there it seems not to be a problem.


I found the problem , it seems it occures when you start WeStorm and try to edit an php file. At that moment you get the question how to open the file and you also get the option to use external software. At that moment PhpStorm also uses these settings with the errors and problems as a result. So finally I removed the ".php" extension from the "Files opened in associated applications" and from then on it seems to solve the problems for PhpStorm but opening WebStorm again you get the same question again to select a file type or use the external software. So I can solve problem for PhpStorm but I can not edit the php files with WebStorm as text files without changing my settings in PhpStorm. So there is not really a solution to the problem, I only am able to work around it every time ....
So my suggestion would be that the in the file types settings it is possible to add files extensions to the "Text files" type AND also to an other file type. This way it would work for both software if you first look to all other file types and if not found also to look in the "Text files" extensions.
I tried to do this, but it seems not to be possible to add the same extension twice at the moment .


Peter, PhpStorm has all WebStorm features plus php support. You shouldn't install both product on the same computer. As you said, you need php support. Therefore I suggest you to uninstall WebStorm and use PhpStorm instead.


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