My Feedback about JetBrains PHPStorm

Hi i'm a user of JetBrains PhpStorm,
i'm a very happy with this IDE, a lot of time i has searching for a good IDE to php developers, this IDE can be a fast and complex in same time.
My experience with PhpStorm 95.17 has a very good but, yet there a small bugs in this version, and some things need be implemented like a possibility of open a document without a project and possibility of all data of this program be save in a fixed folder inside a program folder, for a backups and for don't generate unneeded files into a project folder.
The Reformat code and a Auto-Indent Code are simply magnificent, but a has a little problems when php and htlm and javascript are in the same document.
Auto-Complete Code is a good thing too, but one of difference is the garbage collector. The Code inspector taught me a lot of good pratics in the code format.
But in general ide is a very good and I will continue using.

thanks and sorry because my english isn't a very good.

thanks and keep on doing this great job

Diego Martins de Siqueira - Bauru/Brazil

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Thank you for feedback. We're constantly working to improve user experience.

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There are some estimates to be implemented the question of open documents without creating files in the folder in the file go?

Diego Siqueira - Bauru/Brazil

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These are not planned to be implemented in any near future. Vote for


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