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I'm trying to solve problem with fonts. When using PhpStorm for longer time, I found fonts in editing window uncomfortable.They look unsharp/blurry to me. So I tried to change the settings to the same I use in Zend Studio. But I'm unable to set it ind the same way. I tried to set anialiasing on/off, changed size and fonts. Nothing helped.

What is strange (see attached screenshots), in Zend Studio I use 10px and to have same size of letters, I need 14px in PhpStorm. When you look at PhpStorm screenshot you could see there is difference between Project window font and setting window font - setting window font seems sharp to me, project windows font unsharp. Does it mean that the problem is deep in PhpStorm application?

It really worries me because longer work with the editor is really uncomfortable for me. I understand that its really individual but can someone give me some clue what should I look for?



ZendStudio uses Eclipse Platform which is based on native SWT technology which renders font in a different way than pure java Swing code used by IntellJ Platform.
However I'm not sure why are there's such a difference between the panes depicted on your shot. You can see my IDE screenshot and its appearance settings.

I see that you use windows... Did you used the .EXE distro to install PhpStorm? If you used .zip, did you installed latest JRE (1.6.0_18+)before?

P.S. the font sizes are measured not in pixels (px) but in points (pt) which is completely another unit.


Thanks for reply, unfortunatelly none of that helped. I had zip version and JRE (1.6.0_17) so I'd updated JRE, I'd tried exe version both with the same result. I'm going to try it on another machine. I'm wondering what will I see there.

BTW: thanks for font size unit, that's my mistake. But I believe that everyone use the same unit - so font size '10' in Windows/Zend Studio/PhpStorm should be the same :-) Which is evidently not my case :-)


I tried it on another machine and the result is expected - works fine.

So the only explanation is that on my notebook there is somthird party application, which influences fonts. Thats what comes to my mind.


Beklieve it or not, yesterday I've been looking for different stuff between those two computers and I found that Cleartype is the answer. And really, it works.

Thanks for help, guys.


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