Displaying List of Current Projects


Is there a way of display all the available projects that have been created using PHPStorm. I do know that going through File > Reopen will display a list of the projects created.  If that list is acciddentally cleared, is there a dedicated panel that shows all the projects created?



Nope, but there's a feature request http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-1432

As a workaround - you can search for .idea folders on disk.

Alexey, it is marked as resolved and can't be voted. Could you open it for voting?


Its markes as Incomplete, because we have no actual description of requested functionality. Please add some more meaning to the request by adding comments describing your use case and desired solutions, then issue will be edited and re-opened.


I admit some form of "project management" would be very helpful
but difficult to see exactly how it could be implemented


I'd say a list of recently opened directories (projects) ought to be enough. It saves you one extra click: now you must click the tile 'Reopen Recent Project' and then select one. An always visible list on that home-screen would be nice. Btw, it's the only tile I use on that screen.


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