Integration with phpDocumentor

Is there a plan to integrate PHPStorm with phpDocumentor?
I know phpStorm supports PHPDoc but in some IDE's for example, you can generate comments for functions, classes directly from a menu.  Something like this can be seen from PHPDesigner.


You already can generate PHPDOC by starting doc comment /** and pressing enter. We plan to include inspection to verify PHPDOC completeness and correctness with ability to quickly add or correct doc comments. Some of them will be included in 1.0.


Hi Alexey

I have attached a picture of the menu that phpDesigner uses to auito generate documentation for classes and functions.  I believe something ike this will save developers a lot of time when it comes to documenting their code.  What do you think?


Looks reasonable, and you definitely will be able to achieve something like that with our product. You can file a request to our tracker to be able to watch progress.


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