Multiple changelists per file

I see that a changed file can belong to only one changelist. Any further modifications to that file will go to that cangelist.
Shelving changes is a nice feature, it lets me only put away multiple changes to some given files, but after unshelving multiple changes of one file, I can't re-shelve changes exactly as the cahnges were initially.
So... the question is: how can I put away and get back multiple changes per file?

Irina Chernushina
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unfortunately there's no automatic way jet to shelve changes in one file partly;
but you can

1) shelve file
2) unshelve file, edit it to leave only changes that are needed for "task #1"
3) shelve a group of changes
4) in Shelve, in context menu, select "Show Already Unshelved", it will show backed up shelved stuff; and you will see shelved patch from step #1
5) you can restore patch from step #1, and repeat actions 1-5 if needed

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I forgot about "Show Already Unshelved".


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