Zen coding malfunction? Not completing correctly

Is my zen broken? When I try to do something like ul#nav>li|TAB| it only "completes" the <li>, leaving the ul#nav> alone... this happens in phpstorm and webstorm


I press tab at the end of it

it becomes


Does the same with the nav & ul if I press tab on them

Oh, I forgot,


Side note: the forum seems to be broken on opera, when making a new discussion, >this< textbox doesn't show up, so you can't make the thread.


Help please, I can't get it to work


Looks like the shortcut changed in last EAP due to some conflicts. Use Ctrl-Shift-Enter (Complete statement) to invoke Zen. http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-1584


Thank you! Is there somewhere I can change shortcuts? I don't see a point in back-tab so I'd like to make my zen shortcut shift-tab

Oh, and any idea whats wrong with the site and opera?

Edit: I found it but shift-tab doesn't work, and even if I completely remove "Choose Lookup Item Replace" and set it to tab, tab still brings up the little autocomplete menu instead
Setting it to tabtab works, but breaks autocomplete.


Please request any additional comments right at the issue.
As for Opera vs Forum - we're unable to address this problem now


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