Working with Appcelerator Titanium projects

I'm a new Mac programmer coming from Win Visual Studio, and your editor is the best there is. But I'm programming Titanium mobile SDK for iPhone apps, and some of your features are not useful to me, and in fact decrease my productivity. For instance, your "error strip" (is that what you call the thing on the right margin?) is constantly popping up messages that are irrelevant to me. Your editor keeps warning me about all the unresolved variables and functions in my code. Yes I know, but that's because I'm programming against the Titanium API. But the popups block the cursor and I have to mouse away and then back again with close attention to staying away from the "strip". Can't I turn it off?

Also, can't I turn off the little light bulb thing that also interferes with my editing?

Thanks for a great product (that I'm only using 10% of). But I would sure like to have these configuration options available.


To disable/change levels of inspection click the inspector head icon in status bar.
If you plan to do some long term work it may be more appropriate to get/create "stubs" for the Titanium API so inspections will actually help you instead of suppressing them.


Thanks for the tip. I didn't know about the Inspection item. Can you point me to documentation that would tell me how to create "stubs" for the Titanium API? I haven't had much time to dive into the workings of your editor, as I'm 24/7 into the learning curve for all the iPhone app stuff.


I suppose the Titanium apps are developed in javascript?
You just need to get/create/generate .js file(s) with signatures for the objects/functions you are accessing (I believe that Titanium guys will be easily able to help you with that) and attach it to WebIDE project in any way (i.e. via Settings|Directories).
Anyway once you've got the stub files we will be able to help you with setting up our IDE.


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