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Linux PhpStorm users out there: What fonts do you use?

On a stock Ubuntu install, the default font used looks very thin and jaggy and no matter what font we tried, it always looked strange.

Eclipse is WAY better in that regard (which is understandable considering they are using SWT and thus native font rendering).

What font or even top secret jre parameter would you recommend for the best possible look under Linux?

Personally, I'm working on a Mac where it's looking awesome (and also using the native font rendering due to apple doing some magic), but I'm asking in behalf of a coworker who is using Linux.



Some of our developers mentioned DejaVu Sans Mono font.


EDIT: My font rendering problem seems to have been caused by the Oracle JDK I had to install, so this might be totally fine if you manage to get WebStorm running on first attempt. On a fresh Ubuntu 17.04 install WebStorm immediately crashed with the standard Open JDK install, so I had to install another JDK. I fixed this font issue by using another Jetbrains Runtime later on. I detailed my steps in this article.

The default thin fonts used in dialog boxes looks terrible and is cut off at several places (for instance j and p). Not ok - really had hoped this would have been fixed 7 years later ... 


That doesn't look like a default font. Could you please attach your File | Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance?


@Dmitry: like I added in the EDIT section at the top of my original post, this is likely just a artifact of using the Oracle JDK. I was unable to start up WebStorm using the Open JDK installation that was installed by default on 32 bit Ubuntu, and so I had to install that. Every font issue I had after that was probably just due to not using the custom Jetbrains Runtime. As soon as I got a new  JetBrains runtime downloaded using the plugin the font issues went away (as detailed in the article given in the link above). So probably this whole thing is just basically implied by this startup bug in the x86 (not x64) installation of WebStorm.


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