Suggestion: Add ReSharper's KeyMap to PphStorm


I was trying to make PhpStorm shortcuts behave like ReSharper's. I've been using ReSharper for severeal years now and I like PhpStorm. Now I'd like to use the same shortcuts, of course. So, I'd like to use "Ctrl+R, R" for renaming a variable and so on. I did not find a keymap "ReSharper" but only the keymap "Visual Studio".

The problem is that the keymap "Visual Studio" is different from the real Visual Studio with ReSharper.

Some examples:
* "Visual Studio" has "Refactor Rename" as Shift+F6, while real ReSharper uses "Ctrl+R, R".
* "Surround with..." command can be invoked with "Ctlr+Alt+T" in the KeyMap "Visual Studio" while in ReSharper the shortcut is "Ctrl+E, U".

I'd really love to have ReSharpers keymap.



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Just press "copy" on default VS keymap and edit it as you like.
And may be even share it with other users

We can't allocate any resources on designing keymaps or color schemes in any not so distant future.


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