Couple of questions

Hello, a long time notepad++ user, thoroughly enjoying PHPstorm. I'm having difficulties configuring some aspects of the IDE though.

First of all, and most annoying, is that if I double click a camelCased variable (or even this_notation one), only one part of the whole word is selected (either camel or Case - depending on where I click). How do I make it mark the whole camelCase'd word?

I have two more questions regarding plugins, so if this is not the right place to ask, please point me in the right direction.

I've set up both Database Support and Database Navigator to connect to my used tables, but I can't do anything much more. I failed to configure any of them to autocomplete my queries inside PHP files. What I'd like the most is that clicking a table/column name would insert it at the current cursor position in the document, but any usage tips are welcome, as the documentation is scarce.

I'm having similar issues with the FTP plugin. It connects and all, but I can't open any file to edit directly from its interface, I guess I should configure the local location of the files or something, but I just want to login, make a small change to the source and that's it. How would I go around in achieving such simple functionality?

Lastly, I can see there's a "surround selected text with.." feature, but I can't find where to configure it with additional wrappers (for example html tags).

Also, I found a bug where recording a macro with typing  < or > replaces them to &lt; representation after reloading the IDE.


Hi. I'll try to answer your questions 1 by 1:

1. camelCase - go to settings -> editor : you should see "Honor camel humps words setings selectiong on double clicks"

2. DB navigator ->

     I myself use it for mysql and did the following:

        1. go to mysql homepage and download the java connector -> -> download zip or tar
        2. unpack and copy mysql-connector-java-5.1.12-bin.jar in C:/users/your user/.WebIde10/config/plugins/DBNavigator/lib/ (on win 7)
        3. go in PhpStorm, go to DBNavigator -> Settings
        4. select your module -> basicly select the project name, create configuration:
                a. Name: whatever you'd like your connection to be called
                b. Driver library -> browse and select mysql-connector-java-5.1.12-bin.jar
                c. Driver -> com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
                d. URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost/
                e. User - > your mysql user
                f.  Pass -> mysql pass
                g. Proprieties -> i didn't put anything here
         5. click apply and your connection should be tested
         6. open DB Viewer: go to Window -> Tool windows -> DB Browser : you should see your connection with all you databases
         7. create or open a .sql file, edit it and right above the editing place you should see your connection -> select your connection, select your database and you're ready to go (ctrl+space to call code completion)

3. From what I read you have to make a brand new project from remote hosting (File > New project from existing files). This means phpstorm will copy all your remote project to a local place, then you can make modifications and upload them to remote place. This is exactly what i've done and it worked ok, though i get an error saying it cannot modify the uploaded file's date (help anyone??).

4. where's that surround with text feature? didn't see it yet.

I'd also like to ask if anyone knows ways to better manage your local history.

   1. better browse your local history -> by day, weeks for example
   2. make it more user friendly: the scrollbar for my project is so small i can barely click on it. Please think of ways to group local history, contract/expand your history
   3. possibility to delete parts of your local history. Maybe the history is so old you don't even need some parts of it, and currently when I can barely click on the history scrollbar it seems a must, even though it's not intended.
   4. possibility to export the whole project at a certain time. For example, i chose a point in my local history and i want to export all my project for that point of time. Just think of the advantage of having the possibility to make a free back-up of your whole project in 1 single click and not reverting back, make backup, revert back again.

Looking forward to the answer


ov va did a good job answering most of your questions

When you invoke "Surround with" via Ctrl-Alt-T there's a "Configure Live Templates" link. Its a shortcut to Settings|Live Templates panel. You can add your own surround templates there. Mind that Live Templates are context dependent: Surround will include ones that accept current language and a $SELECTION$.

As for macro recording - please post details to reproduce to so we can track it down and fix.


thanks for the answer


Thanks for the help!  Some info about "Surround with" is in my answer to original question.
Try to experiment

As for Local History - this feature primary use as a "3 day backup" and not a full-feature source control system. Also we do realize that there's a LOT of room for improvement there, so your list is basically a set of feature requests %) Please file them to so all interested parties can vote and track progress.


That was informative, but it really sucks that I can't insert the names of database entities into any opened file just by doubleclicking. Or that one must download the whole codebase from FTP just to occasionally invoke some minor changes - that's very counter-intuitive and discouraging.

Is there perhaps a way for me to file a feature request for the plugins? Is there any chance for them to be implemented?


Please note that Database Navigator is a 3rd party plugin and you should contact author directly for any info or comments.

As for built-in Database Support + "insert on double clicking" the short answer is "Won't fix". I strongly suggest you to try to learn our ways.

Edit single file from FTP is a common case and we know that it's highly requested.
We can't give any information when such a feature will be available.
You can watch to track progress.


Thanks a lot for the informative replies!

It's really a downer that such basic functionality is lacking in otherwise a near-perfect IDE, will stay tuned for updates. I'll file a feature request on doubleclick db insertion just in case.

One more thing, the live templates don't even have a PHP category yet. That, I assume is too "in the works", right?


I'll repeat myself: we don't "lack" this doubleclick stuff - we won't do it *intentionally*.

Feel free to share your own PHP Live Templates trough tracker feature request - we'll consider including the most requested ones.


As for built-in Database Support + "insert on double clicking" the short answer is "Won't fix". I strongly suggest you to try to learn our ways.

Hello, where cam i get more information for your ways of integrated php+mysql development? Any hint please?


There's nothing specific to php here - we are talking about keyboard-centric editor and use of code completion.


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