Modified notification and file saving

There is no way to see whether a file was mofidied, and when I close it changes are saved automatically without prompting me for an action.
It would be good to mark the modified file tab with '*' or make it bold (like in NetBeans) or whatever to know there were modifications.


Just enable the marks - Search for 'asterisk' in settings.
However theres NO WAY (and never will be) to prevent IDE from saving file. Use changes view or local history to track and revert anything. Also all files are saved simultaneously. Search for 'sync' in settings to see additional conditions when files will be auto saved.


Okay. I ticked the option to show * in tabs, it works.
About file saving - I meant this:
1. I modify a file. Asterisk shows up in the tab.
2. Then I click 'Close tab' - it gets closed without asking me if I want to save changes before close or discard changes.
3. When I reopen the file again, it keeps the changes I've made, and shows asterisk in the tab.

I think the way it works now is wrong. It should always ask me what I want to do with the file before I close it. If I need to keep changes, I press 'Save', else 'Discard'.
So that when I reopen the file it is no more marked as modified.

Get what I mean?


The point is that all our IDEs save all files automatically and will NEVER ask you (and we do not plan to add this).
While there may be some bug with focus tracking or "sticking" asterisks this is VERY unlikely because you are only reporting user (and we have MANY of them complaining about all sorts of problems). We'll check it out. Please (always!) provide details about your environment, including OS, JDK and IDE versions.


Here is the NetBeans screenshot to illustrate what I am talking about:
See - I modified a file. Then clicked on 'Close tab' and it popped up a question - save, cancel or discard. So it does not just close it saving changes automatically.
This is wrong, because I might have done some accident changes that will break my system. Or I just don't want to save changes.

I am running Ubuntu Linux 9.10, WebIDE 92.53,
java version "1.6.0_16"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_16-b01)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 14.2-b01, mixed mode, sharing)


I repeating myself third time

There's no (and never will be) such thing as "Save? Y/N" dialog in any of our IDEs. All changes are alway saved, this is done automatically (you can only make it be done more often) and simultaneously and also on File/Save (Ctrl-S).

I was trying to make my thoughts more clear, assuming you did not understand what I meant.
Well, it is sad if your IDEs will never support this feature.


I support the OT. Your IDE is great. Missing a few small items, but  great. Really!
But forcing to save is simply not an option. You  must give the developer at least the option to reject any changed items.
I only registered to make that statement here. Hope it's worth  something. Although, by the look of your last comment, it's probably not.


I'm at one with JetBrains here.
I have used IntelliJ IDEA for Java Development RubyMine for Ruby and am now using PhpStorm for PHP.

Although it seems odd and unconventional at first that you are never asked whether to save a file, consider it as the timesaver it actually is. You never have to worry whether you have saved the changes in another tab - you always get what you have written. And should your PC crash you lose nothing. In case you want to revert something, please use the Local History. It is one of the best features of these IDEs (and probably one of the most underrated ones too) - it really is awesome, give it a try.



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