General usage questions

Four things:

1) Remote project import over sftp: is there a way to skip, or in any way exclude, files to which a user does not have permissions? Killing the process after 20 minutes of importing after coming across a permissions issue is not optimal.

2) Auto documentation: Is the auto documentation popup supposed to steal the pointer focus? With it on, I have to press escape every time the popup loads in order to continue typing. I like the feature but have turned it off from having to press escape all the time. Running ubuntu 9.10 and using build 94.430.

3) When having two IDE instances open and while importing files in one of those instances, is the intended behavior in the other instance to be locked as well? Can't use both IDE instances when one of them is remote importing.

4) For auto-uploading via sftp, is it possible to maintain a persistent connection? It seems every time a file uploads it connects, logs in, uploads, and then logs out. Seems it would speed up the uploading process if it didn't have to log in every time. I may be wrong here, but it feels a tad slower than other programs I've used (eclipse, zend studio 5.5).

Love the product and look forward to using it for some time to come. It is a clear replacement over what I have been using.

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Mark, would you kindly file this as separate issues to ?
We'll investigate and convert this into bug reports/feature requests as appropriate, you'll receive your answers and everybody will be able to watch progress.
Thanks in advance.


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