Creating New Project from Existing Files question


I have a project at the remote server witch is under Subversion control.
After creating project using wizard, it does not know anything about Subversion.
I cannot Update or Commit changes (all files are brown colored)

Can I create project from remote files in order it can know about subversion given in remote project.

Currently I must do it using "Check out from Version Control"

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There's a hundreds of different setups possible (and are actually used by other people). Please describe yours in full extent - what is host and server OS, FTP server, where's SVN resides and detailed steps you performed, then - your expectations and actual IDE behavior.


There is a slackware server in my local network.
I use SFTP connection to access files
I have chosen "My web server is on remote host, files are accessible via FTP/SFTP" the first step.
And "Use existing server" at the second. Then had choosen directory and Project Name.

I mean what IDE can use the path to Subversion:  /path/to/my/project/.svn/entries file.

Now the created project opens without any Version Control Integration and if I try to enable it via Version Control | Enable Version Control Intergration, all files are unversioned.


You don't need to use wizard - it's for files that accessible exclusively via FTP, etc. Just use "Checkout from source control".
We might join all options in one wizard later, but now you should use that option.


Yes. I'm using this functionality already. I had thought that there is a way to use it through Wizard.


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