Simple refactorings for PHP

Hello all,

I'm wondering what you intend to do for refactoring in PHP, I can see reference to them on the marketing site, but in the roadmap I can see the "difficult ones" (involving class hierarchy) are for later.
Do you intend to delay the easy ones (introduce local variable, inline local variable etc.) as well ?

I'm not sure it's the same team, but do you intend to extend the javacript ones (or at least correct some of their defects) ?
I come from IntelliJ with java, and I liked my comfort

Thanks for your great tool,


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We plan to gradually implement all applicable refactorings in all supported languages. However, we are approaching feature freeze for PhpStorm 1.0 so most feature requests are now in "Post 1.0 pool". They will receive more specific place in roadmap after 1.0 release.


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