Remote files refresh

I have created a new project using the "New project from existing files" wizard. I then did a Subversion update. The updates are not reflected in the project.
Is there some kind of setting to make sure that if a file has changed on the remote server that either I am notified or the file is auto refreshed?

As it stands this issue has caused me to overwrite some changes.


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Hello errodr,

If you enable 'Upload changed files automatically' checkbox at Settings | Remote Deployment | Options pane (it's currently off by default), Web IDE will automatically sync the changes to the server. But, it will sync only changes that are made within the IDE, not the external ones. Currently, VCS changes to files are considered as external (for many VCS types Web IDE invokes an external tool), so you need to upload the changes manually.

If you're not satisfied with such a behaviour please submit a feature request at



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