Web IDE rules!

Yesterday I came across Web IDE by accident. I'm a long-time user of Eclipse with PDT and I thought that there's probably nothing out there that can beat PDT from a pure editing perspective.

How wrong I was.

Never before had I such a pleasing first experience when trying out an editor: Not only do you provide all the features needed for me to be able to actually commit a file I edited to the repository (you'd be astonished how many editors don't provide a way to configure line endings or even file encoding), but the IDE is full of little things that are a true testament of the love that you have put into this wonderful product.

It begins with the initial configuration (the highlighting of the actual UI fields that match the search string in the preferences screen is BRILLIANT) up until the first commit (your git support is excellent!), working with Web IDE is a pure pleasure.

The real fun starts once you feel the knowledge that IDE build about your code base: Personally, I just love, love Alt-F7 (find usages) or Command-Alt-Shift-N (open symbol), but there's so much more of pure awesomeness all over the place. And it's FAST. The project I'm working on has grown over the years but the IDE just works as quick as if the project had but one file.

On and debugging using XDebug worked out of the box too. Unbelievable.

I can assure you that, once Web IDE reaches final, you will have at least one extremely happy customer.

I'm even inclined to say that trying out Web IDE was like watching porn.

Thank you ever so much.


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Thank you for your kind words :)

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Indeed it does

It's a very great product. I've worked with Dreamweaver, PHPEclipse, Aptana and Eclipse PDT but none of those are such a pleasure to use as WebIDE is!

I've always have problems with the IDE not recognizing variables and usages. In WebIDE, it just works. WOW, finally Tons of features that will check your code for errors, even variable types in PHP are supported! It's like it knows my code and understand what I'm doing. And that, is a great experience!

I just love it, it's a great product you've made. I'm never going back to (what feels now) one of those inferior products.


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