Mac debugging problems


I have recently started using the PHP version of WebIDE.

I've been unable to get debugging working correctly due to the following problems:

1. I cannot see the execution line while debugging. I'm using Snow Leopard and I've read elsewhere on these forums that the problem had been fixed in a previous release, but I'm still seeing this problem.

2. The debugger will not stop at breakpoints. If I set it to break at the start of the page it will break there, but not on any breakpoints.  The Xdebug setup I'm using is working correctly with Netbeans and Eclipse, as long as I change the IDEkey.  I've changed this for WebIDE (and checked it) but it will still not stop at the breakpoints. Debugging is working, and I can step through the code (except I can't see where I am..problem 1).

Thanks in advance,


Looks like you've set up remote folder mapping wrong. Check out last comments at original issue:


Thank you!  It was an error in my remote mapping, I've fixed it according to those comments and all is working perfectly now!

Thanks again!


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