Is there a way to change ALL color settings?

Hello. I try to configure dark color theme for editor, but can't change colors of some items. For example, I can't change color of highlighting matching brackets, color of highlighting "Unknown function" and some other ones. White font on yellow background while highlighting is looking unreadable. Is there a way to change it? There is no such option in Fonts&Colors. Also "current line background color" is applied to line numbers column, so it become unreadable if current line background is dark-red and line numbers are dark-blue.

PS: Will this software still free or it is commercial?
PPS: Здесь можно писать по русски?

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Yeah, both inspection and gutter colors can be changed. BTW here is some nice dark themes: (however you need to tune them for PHP)

It is a commercial software, see FAQ However all EAP builds are always "free but no warranties" - just as with all our products.

Also, all of our sites, forums, blogs and tracker are international, thus English.


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