some suggestions on generating code

WebIDE now totally lacks alt-insert code generators that IDEA has.
PHP environment will absolutely like generating getters, setters and constructor (the way NetBeans implements it)

Also, it would be nice to make auto-generating of new methods for classes. I.e. if i write "$obj -> makeSomething($a, $b)", and WebIDE does know what $obj is, but can't find "makeSomething" method in an ObjectClass of $obj, it would be great if WebIDE offers me to create this method in that class (or in any class it extends).

Also, it would be nice to generate "$this->a = $a;" strings inside a constructor with params.

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We do plan to eventually implement all this features for PHP, however exact timeframe can't be estimated now. Watch/vote  Do not hesitate to post all suggestions directly into tracker, however please stick to one issue per each feature/bug.


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