Opening project (indexing) is too long

I've tried several builds of WI, and even think of migrating from netbeans to WI when it is released. But there's one problem: one of my projects is based on Limb framework, besides it's got several js libraries, views controllers, etc (so the amount of files is considirable)  and i can't open this project in WI, because it's indexing takes about several hours (not sure, because i don't have time to wait until the end and open the project in netbeans)


We'll do a performance profiling session on Limb and get back to you.


Just tested indexing Limb full bundle and it was done in about 1 minute on my laptop.
  Can you please provide us more info on:  
- your hardware, OS, JVM
- are your files stored on local or mounted drive
- other libs in your project - both JS and PHP  
- what files take most time judging on inspection progress window


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