Webstorm 11 RC - "Create New Project from Existing files"

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just downloaded Webstorm 11 RC. Unlike it's predecessor, the wizard does not offer an option anymore for "Create New Project from Existing files", in order to connect to a remote host and download files via SFTP. Was that removed for Webstorm 11?


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Please check that "Remote Hosts Access" plugin is enabled.


Remote Hosts Access Plugin is enabled.

That said, I miss the option to create a project from existing (remote) files.

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This wizard has been removed from WebStorm because it was not usable and didn't provide access to all functionality available through deployment settings. You can create an empty project and then set up deployment for it - see https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/PhpStorm/Deploying+PHP+applications+with+PhpStorm for more information


Your Webstorm 11 documentation says its still there (https://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/help/creating-a-project-from-existing-local-sources.html?search=project%20from and https://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/help/creating-a-project-from-downloaded-files.html?search=project%20from).

The link provided doesn't appear to have anything to do with creating an app from existing files.

If I'm give a program I need to create a project from it. Empty project doesn't seem like the solution, makes a trip to the supermarket into a coast-to-coast journey.


Using WebStorm 11.0.1

It's really obscure but:

1. Click "Create New Project"
2. Select "Empty Project'
3. Navigate to the folder containing your existing files
4. Click "Create"
5. Dialog "The directory 'xxxx' is not empty. Would you like to create a project from existing sources instead?" shows
6. Click "Yes"

It was just SO EASY before version 11.
This is not a good customer experience.
JetBrains please reinstate.


It's even easier now: File/Open, navigate to the folder containing your existing files, OK => project is created:)
New project dialog is designed to create projects from scratch, to create project from existing files, use File/Open


This is definitely not easier now.

It was a great feature; I used it all the time.

Now it feels like a pain in the ass to clone a GH project and then point webstorm at it to get up and running.

Please reconsider re-implementing -  at least a streamlined version of above.


I fully agree. I used this action a lot. It's still visible in the Settings search results. I can even assign a shortcut to it... So obviously it wasn't fully removed. Can you please put it back?


who can tell me how can i create a project from remote file system (through SFTP)?

even if i add "create ... from existed files" action into toolbar, or found it in main menu settings, it does not appear!


Well... you can always do it "manually" trough IDE:

  1. Create empty local project
  2. Go to your "Settings/Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Deployment"
  3. Create new Deployment entry of desired type
  4. Configure it (all tabs)
  5. Mark it as Default for this project
  6. Use "Remote Host" tool window. If not available -- use "Tools | Deployment | Browse Remote Host" to bring it up
  7. Browse trough your remote server and download all desired files/folders

Another option is to download your project to local location using any software you want .. and then just use "Open" in IDE and point it to that folder -- IDE will create project from those files. Once done -- you can configure your SFTP/etc later (see above).


This option was removed by Jet Brains team. I have no idea why? Supposedly "it was not usable"... Check this post with instruction https://devnet.jetbrains.com/message/5561768#5561768

Andriy Bazano, you are the man! 

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