possible to copy (dump) an object/array variable from debugger to clipboard in a format similar to print_r?

In PHP, I have a complex object/array structure which can be inspected during debugging. But sometimes it would be easier to just dump it to a clipboard in human readible form (like print_r) and then text-search or just browse.

Of course it is possible to do print_r inside the program and have it printed in text form. But when the debugging session is advanced or deeply nested, it means loss of time (it would need to restart debugging).

In the debug Variables window, I can right-click on the structure and Copy, but it does not copy the whole object structure or array, only the first level which was clicked.

So is it possible to somehow save the whole object in text format, but ad-hoc, without planning and without restarting the debugger?

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Hello beamar,

Sorry for delay.
Please vote - http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-5693

Thank you for feedback!

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voted :D
the ideas mentioned there are interesting


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