ASP Support (VBScript & JScript)

When I open WebStorm, I see a feature pane on the right (see attached screenshot) that boasts ASP support, however when I open .asp files, I don't get code coloring, code completion or any other helpful featues (tried with vbscript and jscript asp files).

Is there something I need to do to turn this feature on?



Well, the pane on the right is merely an "all installed plugins list".  And - no you didn't miss anything. The plugin only separates ASP stuff from the outer page content and exists solely to aid in HTML, JS and CSS editing.


Thank you for your reply Alexey.

Does anyone know of a way to get code coloring/formating/completion for ASP VBScript?

I have plenty of old projects that use this language and having been working with WebStorm for months now, it seems painful to go back to another code editor..


Well, we have a Resharper plugin for MS VS and that covers this and much much more


VS 2010 already supports Classic ASP and is very good.

I'm making the switch from Classic ASP (VBScript) to PHP and would love to see full color and syntax support for VBScript. I think if you added full support you will find another customer base.


Unfortunately this is definitely out of scope for PhpStrorm & WebStorm.


I know a lot of people and companies that still maintain enormous Classic ASP sites and applications..
I was in the wrong assumption thinking that phpStorm supports ASP (Classic) syntax highlighting because of the "ASP" plugin.

What does the "ASP" plugin actually do ?


I haven't had time to play with it much. But I think it just allows you to open the files and does some minimal syntax highlighting.

What I don't understand is why is there multiple SKU's for the IDE. Shouldn't WebStorm support PHP, Ruby, and Python? Or if they want to keep the price lower make those paid Add On's to WebStorm. I think that would be far less confusing and probably easier for them to source control and track changes.

Also I with they would reconsider Classic ASP. But I'll be moving everything to PHP within the year so it doesn't bother me too much.


Exectly - only absolute minimum for Classic ASP syntax highlighting.

As for multiple SKU's - WebStorm is for JavaScript development & testing. If you want ALL languages - plus a a pack of less common - just get IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.

Also we do have Resharper plugin for Visual Studio


Does IDEA Ultimate support syntax highlighting for Classic ASP ?


No, and we don't plan to introduce any of MS technologies into any of IDEA family of IDEs.


Cool. I didn't know that about IntelliJ IDEA. Thanks.


Is there an upgrade path from PHPStorm to IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate?


What do you mean under "upgrade path"?..


If I start out with PHPStorm Personal Edition now and later want to move to (upgrade) using IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate is there a discounted price?


Definitively is better Visual Studio than WebStorm for editing ASP files.



@Simon Sturmer

It's possible to get the basic syntax highlighting for ASP files in PhpStorm using the TextMate bundles support plug-in. It's already included with PhpStorm and you don't need to install it, just make sure it's enabled in Settings | Plugins.

  1. Git clone Asp.tmbundle into some directory.

  2. Add this directory in Settings | TextMate Bundles:

Ruby bundle

For some reason PhpStorm TextMate Bundles support will not recognize *.asp files as supported by this bundle. To fix this, disable the ASP in Settings | File Types.


THANK YOU Marcelo2208!!!  Where can I send you a cookie?

Good Lord, this should be in the official FAQ.


Unfortunately Marcelo2208 's TextMate bundle suggestion creates the opposite problem -- VBScript is highlighted, but the HTML is not highlighted.  Back to the drawing board... :-/


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