Breakpoints and Class Filters Dialog

How does the Class filters dialog works?

I am using this guide:

but I must be doing something wrong

I am trying to stop on Exception breakpoint (IllegalArgumentException) but I want to exclude places such as java.lang.Integer, java.util.regex.Matcher, etc

I think I want a Class Exclusion Filter. So, I check the Class filters checkbox, then, from right-hand side panel (Class exclusion filters) I either select a class form class chooser dialog or input a pattern. as a result, this is what I see in class fitlers text field:
"-java.lang.* -java.lang.Integer -java.util.regex.Matcher"

However, breakpoint still activates in above classes.

Can someone give a detailed guide on how to do this, please?

many thanks,

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it should work as expected, I do not see anything wrong in the set up you did.
If possible please make a screencast of what you do, it may help to find the root cause of the problem.



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