Slow IntelliJ Editor using IDEA IdeaX-IU-102.216 on Mac Os X 10.6.6


I think there are serious issues using IntelliJ on some Macs.I have an MacBook Pro (5,1).

First Issue

I experience already in previous versions always a freez for few seconds, whenever I try to edit a file the first time. I can open it quickly, but once I try to touch the code, I am forced to wait. Sometimes it happens also, when I come back after some time and try to continue typing. I somehow have the feeling, that the IDEA is not getting the access to the file system quickly enough as I have also the feeling, that this happens also, when I open some specific dialogs.

Second Issue

Since I installed the 102.216 build, I am almost unable to edit any files. Typing within the editor behaves like being in a slow motion. If I type in normal speed, some letters are getting dropped. So when I try to type "Andreas" quickly, I would get "Anres"



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Hi Andreas,

Please provide CPU snapshot for the first situation.

Regarding the second problem - IDEA-64547.



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