Intellij pulling up wrong class

I've got a multi module project, where none of the modules depend on each other, but instead depend on built jars.  I'm running into an issue when running a unit test in module A.  The test is failing, so I click on the stacktrace to bring me to the unit test source in module A, but instead, IntelliJ brings me to a class file with the same name in a jar module A does not depend on.  Both the test and the .class file have the same name and packages, but Idea is getting confused and bringing in this other jar.  I've checked the dependencies for module A and confirmed there is no reference to this other jar.  Other modules have a reference to this other jar, but module A does not and I'm using module A under "Use classpath and JDK of module".

One twist is that I'm using the eclipse plugin and managing my classpath through eclipse .classpath files.  However neither the .classpath nor the module's .eml file contain a reference to the jar or any other modules.

I've tried rebuilding and reindexing without any success.  Anyone running into anything similar?  BTW, this is not a new problem with 9, it also occurred in 8.

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