Migrating projects from PyCharm Community to PyCharm Pro

I installed PyCharm Pro on my computer after several months of using PyCharm Community. The Pro installer didn't migrate any of my Community projects.

I can open a project in Pro that was created in Community, but in some sense it's not the same project. All of the configurations are missing. I have to reconstruct them by hand.

Is there a way to import my PyCharm Community projects' configurations into PyCharm Pro?

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Official comment

You can Export settings from Community to Professional edition, please see https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/help/exporting-and-importing-settings.html.

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Thank you for your quick response. I had no problems performing that procedure, but it does not seem to have had the desired result.

In PyCharm Community, the Run/Debug Configurations dialog has two main headings: Python, which lists the debug configurations that I want to use in Python Pro, and Defaults. In PyCharm Pro, the only heading is Defaults. It was so when I installed Python Pro, and it was still so after I imported the settings exported from Python Community.

What have I missed here?


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