Getting starting with angular 2.0

New to WS, and have only used NuGet in VS as a package manager before. I have NPM, and Bower installed globally. Using WS 12 EAP.

If I wanted to create an Angular-2 project starting from the 'empty-project' template, what is the best way to accomplish this making use of WS.

Do I install angular using npm? Or install angular using bower? benefits of one over the other? The WS docs seem to just suggest manually downloading angular.js file directly from google.

In the end my app will be served from IIS, and speak to a .Net backend. But during development which is the best way to run my app? (I can have the .net app running via Visual Studio).

The angular project template seems to start with angular 1, and there doesn't seem to be a way to change that.

I really liked using nuget, and so using a package manage appeals to me. Just wondering which is the best route, and how to get started.

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I think, you need to start with Angular2 tutorial ( The recommended approach is using npm. There is nothing special in creating the first Angular2 project in WebStorm - create a new empty project, add a package.json file (New/package.json file), populate it with required stuff, use 'Run 'npm install'' in package.json right-click menu to install modules. Then create needed files, and use 'Debug' in index.html right-click menu to debug your application on built-in web server. Or, you can host in on IIS or any other web server - it doesn't matter much if running/debugging is concerned. See

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Ok, that seems to work fine. Thanks.


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