How to avoid all open maven project windows getting focus when a common module maven pom is updated?

In past versions of IDEA EAPs (before 15) this didn't happen:


You have multiple IDEA windows with different maven projects. 

Many of the projects share the same module project.

Let's say I'm in project A and I update module A's pom from 1.0-SNAPSHOT to just 1.0, when this happens EVERY single project window cycles through getting focus and refreshing things which is EXTREMELY annoying. I don't mind if I have to wait for the current project I'm on to refresh dependencies etc, but is there some way to avoid all the other projects from also having to get focus? If the answer is no, then I'll put an enhancement request in (note, like I mentioned this didn't happen in EAP 14 that I recall.. things worked just fine there.)

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