UbuntuGnome 15.10 and PhpStorm 10 GUI

I'm just trying PhpStorm out for 30 days. I was using aptana and thought I would try your IDE.


I don't know if it should look the way that it does but everything is so squashed together it looks like something made in 1990s, the fonts are also really bad and the desenders are cropped (like on y's and g's).


Is this just how it looks on linux??? Should it look like this? If it does I think I'll stick with aptana, if it shouldn't what can I do to fix it?


Thanks for any help

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Hi Stephen,

Could you please provide us with a couple of screenshots demonstrating what it looks like?

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After a load of googling I found adding the following settiings:


Here are some pics of what it looks like now. It was a hell of a lot worse before adding the above...




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What I have now seems to be the best I can get but it looks real bad compared to anything else, Aptana, builder, gedit.


All the descenders are clipped an dthe font aliasing looks not existent. It's like using an app from the mid 90s.

IS this how it just looks on linux? All the macos/windows scrennshots/videos I have seen look really good:



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To get a nice looking font rendering on Java apps under linux you'll have to do a couple of things.


1. Drop any version of Java and install TuxJDK. It's an OpenJDK version patched font better font rendering under linux;

2. Tune your fonts and provide an adequate font fallback to java's virtual fonts like 'Dialog', 'Sans', 'Sans Serif', etc.

3. Be happy. ;-)


Unfortently, it's clear that Intellij UI was designed to look concise only on MacOS. Windows and Linux looks very poor. I think intellij guys should take a look at the Material Design UI provided as a plugin and take an inspiration.


You can get something like this: http://imgur.com/w5NCsOQ 

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The fonts seen in the picture are:

  1. Code: Consolas
  2. UI: Lucida Sans (System Wide)
  3. IDEA UI Theme: Material Design


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Hi Stephen,

I think Vicente is on the right track and that the problem is in your environment. PhpStorm's appearance and performance on my Linux installation has been virtually flawless (I'm still evaluating.) System: openSUSE 13.2 x86_64, 3.16.7-29-desktop kernel, KDE 4.14.9 desktop, nVidia GeForce 9300M GS w/ nvidia-glG03-340.96-40.1 driver, Oracle jdk1.8.0_66) Here's a screenshot:





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