Hi all,

I'm working on a plugin, the work is based on the study of the Erlang plugin.
I have a problem with the method findParentDescriptor of the BuildRootIndex class.

In my code, I have the following

BuildRootIndex buildRootIndex = context.getProjectDescriptor().getBuildRootIndex();
root = buildRootIndex.findParentDescriptor(new File(filePath), targetTypes, context);

I always get null value for root. I guess it is because I'm missing something about when the table used by this function should be populated. My question is
- what is the purpose of the class BuildRootDescriptors
- do I have to populate the table manually, if so when am I suppose to do it
- is there some entry to add to the file plugin.xml to have this doing the job

Best regards

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findParentDescriptor searches for a input root of a build target (returned by BuildTarget.computeRootDescriptors). What kind of root do you want to get? What is passed as 'targetTypes' parameter?

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Thanks for your Help,

My objective was to obtain SourceRootDescriptor in order to call its method getTarget.

targetTypes is a simple customized targetType.


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So is a proper root directory returned from 'computeRootDescriptors' for your custom target? You can also debug BuildRootIndexImpl class, it's quite simple (here is described how to debug the build process).


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